Charlie 2


So Sheen is selling his pad in the hills.   Word is he bought a couple other houses on same block – one for Denise and one for Brooke – really Charlie???  I guess when he, or a close friend, finally divulged what a terrible idea this was, he decided to sell.  Or maybe it’s all the bad memories of his current house that he wants to leave it – or, perhaps, losing 2 1/2 Men is harder financial HIT (wink) than he thought.  Who knows, and who cares really???  Come to think of it, why am I even posting this??? Someone help me please.

Park Chan Wook Shoots 30 Minute I Phone Movie

Park Chan-wook, who made a big impression in 2004 when his bloody revenge epic Old Boy won the Grand Prix at the Cannes International Film Festival, is thinking small by filming his new movie with an iPhone 4.

Funded by iPhone’s South Korean distributor to the tune of $130,000, Park’s 30-minute Paranmanjang tells the story of a fisherman who discovers a woman in the water. The mostly black-and-white video, shot on up to eight iPhones and excerpted in the clip above, generates an air of cryptic menace that comes to a head as strange substances flow across a stream.

Park champions cellphones as an inexpensive filmmaking tool. “Find a location. You don’t even need sophisticated lighting. Just go out and make movies,” the South Korean filmmaker told the Los Angeles Times. “These days, if you can afford to feed yourself, you can afford to make a film


The Future of Media

In this accelerated age of hyper-reality it is only natural to wonder what is next.


It is a waste of time.

Don't worry about a damn thing. After all what can you do about it?

Humans strive to be more than they will ever be (editorial) Some argue this is this point: Every miniute we are reaching for the stars, improving our condition; Yes, falling down, knocking off millions of our own, but there we go, always trying to look on the bright side……

Well, you-we-I- should for there are many, many, things to try…..if that fails, there are many things to buy.

The End?


Just keep moving; and buying things and all will be alright.

The Red Carpet Look

The red carpet look-  Is it being undermined by the new fashion market?

It’s almost impossible to turn on or look at anything online, on TV or anywhere else without a red carpet sequence. If they open a new packet of Kleenex somewhere, there’s a red carpet event, mainly full of cheerful, smiling nonentities nobody asked to see. The red carpet look is obviously fading, fast. What’s noticeable, however, is that the red carpet stuff is also starting to look pretty sad, dated and overdone, even compared to sites where you buy dresses online

History of the red carpet look

The fact is that the red carpet look is a victim of its own culture. This is the revenge of the designers who’ve been locked out of the “upper crust” for generations, and it’s poetic justice in many ways. The red carpet designers have had a monopoly for so long.

In the past, if you were a star you could wear “a gown made by…….”,  and that was the designer’s big break. You were made for years, if not for life. That was in the days before the red carpet looked like a cattle drive, and thousands of instantly forgettable people trudged past the cameras.

The problem in the old days was that the designers also monopolized the red carpet crowd. You had to have been a red carpet designer, to be a red carpet designer. These designers were really expensive, and if you could pay for various forms of defamation in your size, that was the choice of what to wear.

The red carpet designers weren’t actually better designers, but they had the names and labels. If you can imagine anyone capable of making Audrey Hepburn look anything other than a million percent elegant, even the old red carpet designers didn’t succeed, but almost. The revolution was always going to come, it was simply a matter of when.

New stage in the evolution of the fashion market?

The new fashion design industry is blowing away big name designers and labels on an hourly basis. The new designers distribute better, market better, and above all, they’re truly competent designers. There’s also a lot of them, and they’re highly competitive. They know how to sell, and they do.

The trouble with being an upmarket designer is you’re either there or nowhere, and that’s exactly what’s happening. The new designers can muscle in with a range of new products, better technology, and they do get market share.

Anyone who knows the rag trade knows what happens next- Contracts start flying, promotions start happening, and if you get in the way of that, you’re uninsurable. The fashion industry is all about verbs, like “profit”, not adjectives like “tasteful”.

It’s an interesting fact, however, that you can look at an online product like a Ladakh dress, and have to spend some time noticing the differences between these dresses and the “upmarket” stuff. The online people are very production oriented, and their quality levels are defined by being good looking and wearable by human beings. The old red carpet models can be anything between high school dress-up standard and a liver condition in Paris.

If you want a bet on this subject, back the new designers.

Stephen Cannell Passes on at 69

Hollywood writer Stephen Cannell, the producer of TV shows like "The A-Team" and "The Rockford Files", has died at the age of 69, his family said on Friday.

"Stephen J. Cannell passed away at his home in Pasadena on Thursday evening due to complications associated with melanoma. He was surrounded by his family and loved ones," the producer's family said in a statement.